This is a listing of the Companion Pets that can be found in the game.

Lucky Coin VendorEdit

  • Bog Shambler
  • Forest Disruptor
  • Grey Siamese Cat
  • Mordant Crawler Hatchling
  • White Bunny
  • Winston

Artifact Collection RewardsEdit

  • Arcane Excivator
  • Basalisk
  • Chipmunk
  • Cloven Stonearm
  • Forest Protector
  • Forest Striker Hatchling
  • Red Roc
  • Scorpion
  • Spot
  • Spirit of Tears

Achievement RewardsEdit

Quest RewardsEdit

  • Mort
  • Scotty's Companion Whistle
  • Dildo Frank... (really? can't find any other reference to this online(apart from porn etc))..FLAG FOR SOMEONE THAT CARES..

Faction VendorsEdit

  • Fae Squirrel
  • Flame Squirrel
  • Pet Dragon Whelp
  • Pet Gravemaker
  • Pet Oreling
  • Pet Werewolf
  • Pet Yeti
  • Shade Squirrel
  • Stone Squirrel
  • Tide Squirrel

Loot DropsEdit

World Event VendorsEdit

Waves of Madness (Patch 1.3)Edit

Spoils of War (Patch 1.2)Edit

  • Gritty Kitty

Grim Harvest (Patch 1.1)Edit