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Kelik is one of the PvP Armor Set Vendors for Guardians. He can be found in Three Springs in Moonshade Highlands at 5473, 975, 2179.


Kelik sells level 36 gear which can be purchased using the PvP currency known as favor.

This is only a listing of the armor he carries that has a visible model. He may carry more items such as necklaces, belts, or weapons, but they are not listed here.

Armor Class Armor Model Set Set Piece Name Prices
Cloth Patrician's Cloth Set Gloves of Incantation 3977 favor
Leather Conspirator's Leather Set Provoking Gloves 3977 favor
Chain Vicar's Chain Set Pestering Gauntlets 3977 favor
Plate Warlord's Plate Set Inspiring Gauntlets 3977 favor

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