Keyvin Stylewit
Keyvin Stylewit is the Dye Vendor in Meridian. He can be found along the Merchant's Circle at < >


To see the effect of the dyes, check out the table on the Dyes page.

Dye Name Price
Dye Remover 1g
Blue Dye 5g
Dark Blue Dye 15g
Light Blue Dye 45g
Brown Dye 5g
Dark Brown Dye 15g
Light Brown Dye 45g
Green Dye 5g
Dark Green Dye 15g
Light Green Dye 45g
Grey Dye 5g
Dark Grey Dye 15g
Light Grey Dye 45g
Orange Dye 5g
Dark Orange Dye 15g
Light Orange Dye 45g
Purple Dye 5g
Dark Purple Dye 15g
Light Purple Dye 45g
Red Dye 5g
Dark Red Dye 15g
Light Red Dye 45g
Yellow Dye 5g
Dark Yellow Dye 15g
Light Yellow Dye 45g

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