Patch 1.3
Patch 1.3: Waves of Madness introduced a whole slew of new costumes, armor models, and cosmetic items. This page is an ongoing list of these cosmetic items as they're discovered. Items that are specific to the Waves of Madness world events will be marked as such.

Armor ModelsEdit

New Raid Armor Sets

Costume SetsEdit

  • Refurbished Mathosian Costume - armorsmith recipies are bought off the Order of Mathos Faction Merchant, requires plat and certain faction levels
  • Mountaineer's Costume - items are bought off of the Icewatch Keep Faction Merchant using Plaques of the Mountaineer gained through daily quests
  • Sandcovered Costume - dropped by Dunes of Akala rifts, zone events, and collosi in Shimmersand. (images needed)

Costume PiecesEdit



  • Endless Marauder's Spiked Shoulders

Companion PetsEdit

Bought from Runeguard Merchant


Guises/Shades/Weapon EffectsEdit

Bought from World Event Vendors

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