The Pathfinder's Set is one of the Guardian leather PvP Vendor Armor Sets. As a Leather Armor set, only Rogues can use it in a Wardrobe slot, but Rogues, Clerics, and Warriors can equip it in the normal equipment slots.


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Where to FindEdit

This set is only purchasable from PvP Armor Set Vendors in Theodor's Circle in Sanctum, around 7412, 836, 2903. Templar Zim sells the Feet and Hand pieces which all require the player to be of Prestige Rank 1 to purchase and wear. Templar Sanzo sells the Chest, Head, Legs, and Shoulder pieces which require the player to be Prestige Rank 2.

Set Items Price
Pathfinder's Boots 9410 favor
Pathfinder's Gloves 9410 favor
Pathfinder's Helmet 13421 favor
Pathfinder's Shoulderpads 13421 favor
Pathfinder's Chestguard 16776 favor
Pathfinder's Leggings 16776 favor