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Rare Planar Armor Vendors are merchants that sell armors and items designed to be stronger than normal questing gear. Each zone has a level appropriate Rare Planar vendor, that sells a few items for each calling. The items from a Rare Planar Armor Vendor are bought using planarite and the planar currency dropped from invasion events from within that zone.

Rare Planar Vendors By ZoneEdit

Zone Faction Vendor Name Item Levels Currency Tier Location
Freemarch Defiant Charlyn Stoneguard - Corrupted 6281, 839, 4519
Silverwood Guardian Kaerin Brandeon - Corrupted 6109, 3261
Stonefield Defiant Bascha Starling 20, 23 Cursed 4964, 1055, 4966
Gloamwood Guardian Lorem Ornae 20, 23 Cursed 5155,3215
Scarlet Gorge Defiant Gerud Axehandle 25 Cursed 4624, 930, 4431
Guardian Rakess Tanagra 25 Cursed 3851, 3058
Scarwood Reach Defiant Kante Aether 30, 33 Vile 3709, 1095, 4387
Guardian Carrie Greenwood 30, 33 Vile 3140, 3883
Moonshade Highlands Defiant Kelfom Nighthawk 35 Vile 5503. 976, 2179
Guardians Allison Vineleaf 35 Vile 7310, 2130
Droughtlands Neutral Jerel Wren 35 Vile 7638, 915, 6232
Iron Pine Peaks Neutral Tananda Whitecoat 25, 30 Ancient 3724, 1701,
Shimmersand Neutral Lilythe Wetstone 45 Ancient 6602, 880, 7060


Lorna Antwar 45 Ancient 2297,3022

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