The Repudiator's Set is one of the Defiant chain PvP Vendor Armor Sets. As a Chain Armor set, only Clerics can use it in a Wardrobe slot, but both Clerics and Warriors can equip it in the normal equipment slots.


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Where to FindEdit

This set is only purchasable from PvP Armor Set Vendors in the Catari Command Center in Meridian, near 6076, 916, 5119. Xanther Cintel sells the Feet, Hand, and Head pieces which all require the player to be of Prestige Rank 3 to purchase and wear. Marston Way sells the Shoulder, Chest, and Legs pieces which require the player to be Prestige Rank 4.

Set Items Price
Repudiator's Boots 21985 favor
Repudiator's Gauntlets 21985 favor
Repudiator's Coif 29314 favor
Repudiator's Shoulderpads 38933 favor
Repudiator's Habergeon 48666 favor
Repudiator's Chausses 48666 favor