This article is about the Tam's Plate set model. As a Plate Armor model it is only wearable by Warriors in either their normal equipment slots or their wardrobe sets.

Basic ModelEdit

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Where to FindEdit

The basic model can be found in several places:

  • Loot drops from rare and epic mobs starting at level 50
  • Helm can be found as the crafted "Greathelm of Grandeur" from an armorsmith
  • Legs can be found as the crafted "Orichalcum Cuisses" from an armorsmith
  • Chestpiece can be dropped from final bosses in Expert Deepstrike Mines and Expert Chamer's Caldera
  • Shoulders are Guardian-only, purchased from Raid Armor Vendors in Sanctum
  • "Assailing" BoE set (in Storm Legion)


This model can be procured in many differnt ways and under many different names. It can be, however, fairly easy to determine if and item belongs to this set or to collect matching pieces by using the item icons as a guide. The icons for this basic model can be seen to the right. This is a general rule of thumb, though, as some icons in-game are mismatched and some alternate skins of the same model share icons.