This article is about the Theurgist's Cloth Set. Since this model is a Cloth Armor set, all callings can equip it in their Wardrobe, but only Mages can wear it in their normal equipment slots.

Basic ModelEdit

Don't forget to click on the images to see the larger, un-cropped versions!

Where to FindEdit

The basic model can be found in several places:

Piece Item Name
Head Hood of the Flowing Dark
Shoulder Mantle of the Flowing Dark
Chest Robes of the Flowing Dark
Legs Witchweave Breeches


This model can be procured in many differnt ways and under many different names. It can be, however, fairly easy to determine if and item belongs to this set or to collect matching pieces by using the item icons as a guide. The icons for this basic model can be seen to the right. This is a general rule of thumb, though, as some icons in-game are mismatched and some alternate skins of the same model share icons.

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